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At Martin Hardwood Floors, we take pride in installing stunning Omak floors. Our superior service is unmatched and we will do the job on time and within budget. Call us today.

I enjoy being able to come in on decrepit looking hardwood floors and re-sand them and make them beautiful again! Also, it's satisfying to give customers a turn key custom job because I pay attention to the small details, like manufacturing transition strips and other pieces, when installing new floors.

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Licenses / Credentials:
• Licensed interior carpenter

We Specialize In:
  • Installation and Finishing of Hardwood Floors Refinishing Of Existing Hardwood Floors
  • Tile
  • Laminate and Floating Floors
  • Installation of Pre-Finished Hardwood Floors

The Omak Flooring Company

Do your floors look old and worn? It’s time to call on an Omak flooring company. When designing or remodeling our homes the flooring is always a main consideration. Our home’s floors, after all, create the base upon which we decorate the rest of the house. What should you do to renew the look of your floors? Many people think they can do without an Omak flooring company.

If you’ve checked out the aisles of your local home improvement center recently, you know all about the huge rolls of luxurious carpet, the shelves of ceramic, marble and vinyl tiles and the displays of beautiful hardwood floor samples. You’ve also noticed all the do-it-yourself kits and other tools for homeowners to install their own flooring. Installation of flooring must be a pretty easy job… or so one might think. Purchasing state of the art tools for a flooring job does not mean that the job will be done correctly. There’s great satisfaction in doing a big job on your own. After all you’ve got all those cool tools, right? Wrong! A much better option would be to hire a qualified Omak flooring company. A company specializing in flooring has a well trained team that installs their products. Flooring companies will usually specialize in certain kinds of flooring products. You will find that carpeting and hardwood are the most specialized in since they are so in demand. If your rooms have irregular shapes or the flooring you’d like to install requires special adhesives an Omak flooring company knows how to handle the situation.

There used to be few options as to doing a search for a flooring company. Asking family and friends for a referral or checking out the yellow pages of your phone directory were the few ways of finding an Omak flooring company. There are several other options to finding a flooring company today, though those old stand-bys still certainly have their place.

Finding a local Omak flooring company can be done by searching the internet now and many people take this route. Professional flooring companies will be in a number of directories and that’s where you will find their contact information. Some companies with their own web sites have great before and after pictures as well as good shots of their products. Actually seeing a company’s work on line will give you an idea as to the type of jobs they undertake.
Don’t feel any obligation if you feel unsure about a flooring company.

Once the Omak flooring company does a walk through and has some measurements in hand to work with they can then write up an accurate bid for you. This should consist of the cost of the labor involved along with a total for materials including the type of flooring to be installed and price per square foot or yard. The flooring company quote should include terms of payment as well as the time planned for the job to take. Some companies require payment in full as soon as the job is complete while some others offer a variety of payment options.

Always do a background check on the Omak flooring company you intend to hire for your work. Contact the Better Business Bureau to see if the flooring company has any unresolved complaints against them. If there are unresolved complaints on file or you have doubts about the company, it’s best to remove them from your list.

Selecting Your Omak Flooring Company

While budget is usually a big concern, when it comes to flooring you aren’t looking for the cheapest estimate. An Omak flooring company might offer some attractive discounts and a low bid but remember that in most cases you’ll be walking on your floor every day so quality, durability and proper installation are important. All of these factors must be offered in your bid.

Once you’ve found the Omak flooring company you believe is right for the job, you’ll need to work up a written contract. You need far more than just a verbal agreement and that bid is not binding. If you don’t get it in writing and the job is not done well you’ll have no way out but to live with it. The contract with the flooring company should state clearly all information from the bid including the costs of installation and materials as well as the types of products that will be used.

The contract with the Omak flooring company should also contain any warranty or guarantee information on labor, materials and installation and must include your previously agreed upon payment plan. Take the time to think before you sign anything. Remember that the flooring under your feet is probably going to be the most used and abused part of your home. You want that beautiful floor to last and maintain its beauty, so choose an Omak flooring company that will do a professional job.

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The floors turned out way better than expected! Beautiful work!
Sandy, Tonasket